Exceptional wines

Wine, historic drink on European tables, wine has become an element of worldwide good manners.

Drinking wine is now everywhere part of the lifestyle for those who strive for more sophistication.

Exceptional wines tours the world of the best producers through a hundred estates that represent the quintessence wines.

It focuses on the cradle of this wine civilization, Europe (in particular France, Italy, Germany and Spain),

ot to mention the representatives of the New World. This book offers a journey through time with estates that have long been renowned, a contemporary inventory of those who embody great wines today, as well as a selection

of promising estates that will be the elite of tomorrow. Great Bordeaux wines and precious burgundies rub shoulders with

sparkling Champagne or Piedmont barolos, without ever forgetting the greatest talents from other wine-growing regions.

This multifaceted selection brings together those you already know,

but also those that you will be curious to discover.

280 x 370 mm // 240 pp

250 x 330 mm // 240 pp

All rights available except France

Fall 2021

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