The Art of Men’s Shoes

The world of the artisan shoemaker is one of emotion, patience, craft, humility, pleasure, and satisfaction. Step into the world of historic high-end shoemakers such as : Berluti, Lobb, Corthay, Santoni or J.M. Weston.

The sector is currently seeing strong growth, with many up-and-coming young shoemakers enjoying fine reputations, as well as more established artisans from numerous countries, such as Carlos Santos (Portugal), Tony Gaziano (United Kingdom), Lazlo Vass (Hungary), St Crispin’s (Romania), Roberto Ugolini and Riccardo Freccia Bestetti (Italy), and the exceptional Carmina (Spain).

This book opens the doors to a mysterious, enchanting world, from the beautiful footwear produced by Pierre Corthay and Anthony Delos, —master shoemakers (and fellows of the Compagnons du Devoir guild)—, to the rising stars of the younger generation. Discover the lovely shoes they have crafted, wonder at their extravagances, and transform your own shoes thanks to Paulus Bolten’s patinas..

250 x 330 mm // 240 pp

210 x 280 mm // 240 pp

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