Whisky collector

A visual and olfactory immersion in the world’s finest whiskies.

The Irish and the Scots are still fighting over who the father is. The Japanese take top honors in competitions

(Yamazaki), while Russians are the counterfeit kings. Internationally .

appreciated, symbol of virility or of perdition

on the screen (Don Draper in Mad Men, Brian de Palma’s Untouchables), chased after by all during prohibition, nvented and launched by simple shopkeepers (Johnnie Walker, James Chivas, William Teacher, Matthew Gloag), just recently going organic, sold in a 6 liter carafe for 380000 dollars (Rare Macallan M), Winston Churchill’s favorite drink, center of the gigantic gathering of The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival in Scotland … whiskey takes all forms, is in every revolution, is the object of every desire.

280 x 370 mm // 240 pp

250 x 330 mm // 240 pp

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